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Noi Volkov

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Forest Fairy I, Noi Volkov

Forest Fairy I (unique sculpture)
  Ceramic and Porcelain with hand-painting and glazes
25 x 10 x 7"          $7,500

Woody Allens Key Hole, Noi Volkov

Woody Allen"s Key Hole (unique painting)
Hand painted both sides of key hole shaped metal mounted on polished aluminum
(image on aluminum panel is the reflection of painting from back side of front cut-out)
25.25 x 24 x 10"                         $8,500

Ingres / Vermeer I, Noi Volkov

Ingres / Vermeer I (unique sculpture)
Hand painted both sides of cut out figure with polished aluminum back
(image on aluminum panel is the reflection of painting from back side of front cut-out)
11 x 9 x 9"                 $3,800

Miniature Tea Pots
Ceramic with hand-painting and glazes, mounted on wood base with Lucite cover and mirror back
6.75 x 7 x 5" (including cover and base)         $1,100 each

  Mona             Leonardo             Girl with Ermine

(Limited editions - check with gallery for availability)

Ceramic with hand-painting and glazes,   $1,800/each (*except as noted)
approximately 10 x 14 x 3"

Renoir, The Dance, Noi Volkov

Gauguin (unique teapot), Noi Volkov
*$2,300 (unique)

Claude Monet, Noi Volkov

Edouard Manet, Noi Volkov

Dali, Noi Volkov

Degas, Noi Volkov



Van Gogh


Miro, Noi Volkov

Leonardos Angel, Noi Volkov

Picasso/Dali, Noi Volkov

Worhol, Noi Volkov

Renoir, Noi Volkov

Motherwell, Noi Volkov

Mona Lisa w/ Train, Noi Volkov

Paul Delvaux (unique teapot), Noi Volkov
*$2,300 (unique)

Moulin Rouge, Noi Volkov

Oldenberg, Noi Volkov

Ingres, Noi Volkov

Cezanne, Noi Volkov

Freida Kahlo, Noi Volkov

Churchill, Noi Volkov

Magritte, Noi Volkov

Hopper, Noi Volkov

Girl with Ermine, Noi Volkov

Campbell Soup, Noi Volkov

Forest Fairy, Noi Volkov

Andy/Marilyn, Noi Volkov

Muse of Vemeer, Noi Volkov

Nose, Noi Volkov

Matisse, Noi Volkov

Lichtenstein, Noi Volkov

Tom Wesselmann, Noivolkov